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Project aims

This project focuses on investigating the social cost of an evaluative culture focused on Impact without consequence.

It will build on preliminary work by Derrick and Benneworth (2018), to examine the extent of academic governance systems contribute to the proliferation or else act to minimise the risk of grimpact. This aim will be achieved by developing and supporting a grimpact repository database to collect, record and track cases of negative research impact (grimpact) towards understanding the nature, dynamics and risk of grimpact in contemporary research culture.


Specifically, this research will address the following research questions;

  1. What are the characteristics of a heightened risk of grimpact within research culture and practice?

  2. How do characteristics of research culture foster/contribute to the risk of grimpact?

  3. How do academic governance mechanisms acknowledge and work to mitigate the risk of grimpact?


Research stages

The research will be broken down into a number of stages designed to identify and explore Grimpact and its links to research culture

Stage 1:  Build the Grimpact repository

The world's first and only Grimpact repository will be used to crowd-source case studies of grimpact to investigate and source interviews for Stage 2.

Stage 2:  Grimpact detective work

From the Grimpact repository, case studies will be identified and explored in more detail with interviews with researchers, and research governance (stakeholder) bodies involved.

Grimpact Advisory Board

Since the concept of Grimpact is so new and nuanced, we have a number of Impact experts advising the project

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