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The Grimpact repository

We are looking for short case studies of grimpact submitted by members of the research community and stakeholders.  We do not attribute blame but to understand the pathways and development of grimpact.​


This project is funded as part of a British Academy mid-career fellowship awarded to Gemma Derrick (MCFSS23\230006).

How will the information be used?

The information provided in submissions will be used to investigate the nature and definition of grimpact, and how it links to research evaluative cultures.  Specifically, the information will be used to build case studies of grimpact.  Individuals or representatives associated with institutions identified in these case studies may be contacted for interview by the research team.

What is the benefit of submission?

This research will build on preliminary work to examine the extent that academic governance systems contribute to the proliferation or else act to minimise the risk of grimpact.  

Only by examining the process of scientific practice can we understand if and how cultural (reward and incentive) factors allow grimpact to grow uncontrollably.  Not all research benefits society (fine) or is the result of the responsible practice of research (also, fine), but current evaluation methods do not distinguish between the two.  Only by exploring the conditions that allow grimpact to thrive, can we build more honest methods of reflecting the relationship between research and society.

Ethical clearance

This project has received ethical clearance by the University of Bristol, School of Education Research Ethics Committee (ref:14599)

Case studies should contain the following;

  • Title for your submission

  • Details of the grimpact

  • A description or list of the knowledge basis and/or source of the grimpact

  • A description of who was involved (individuals or organizations)

  • A description of why you believe this is a case of grimpact.

There is also an opportunity to contact us about your submission and discuss how it may be a grimpact case study prior to submission. If this is preferable, please fill out your details in the linked form here.


All submissions will remain confidential and used for the purposes of this research project only.

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