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Welcome to a possibility of Grimpact

Investigating the Cost of an Evaluative Culture Focused on Impact Without Consequence


Grimpact Research Lab

Home of the Grimpact repository

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At Grimpact Research Lab, we are dedicated to investigating the social cost of an evaluative culture focused on impact without consequence. 

To submit to the Grimpact Repository - a database of grimpact case studies to be used for analysis, click in the Grimpact Repository page above.

Grimpact repository

Our research interests at Grimpact Research Lab include the study of social impact assessment, environmental impact assessment, and corporate social responsibility. We aim to understand the impact of these assessments on society and provide solutions for fairer and more reflective evaluations.

By submitting a Grimpact case study, you are helping us understand the dynamics between evaluation, impact, societal consequences and research culture.

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